The EU notes that, as reported in the DG's report to the September Board, the 2013 physical inventory verification had to be postponed. Finally, we call on all parties in the Syrian Arab Republic to extend their full cooperation to the FFM to ensure that it can complete its work safely and effectively. This Directive, which will bonne journée en arabe be transposed into the legislation of les debut d'une jeune prostituée pdf all EU Member States at the latest in 2017, sets the objectives of preventing accidents and, should they occur, mitigating the consequences and avoiding early and large radioactive releases. An essential principle for the EU is the respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, for human dignity, liberty, democracy, equality, solidarity, the rule of law and human rights. The adoption of the Global Action Plan is a first step. We are appalled by the killing of ten persons in a school during shelling yesterday in Donetsk, and by the violent death of a member of the International Committee of the Red Cross (icrc) delegation yesterday. The European Union and its Member States welcome the agreement reached in Minsk on 19 September 2014 on the modalities of the implementation of the ceasefire in Ukraine. We commend the SMM leadership for their tireless efforts in facilitating the release. The security of monitors is of paramount importance. We would also like to express our gratitude to the Moldovan FSC Chairmanship for maintaining this important topic high on the Security Dialogue's agenda thus facilitating the implementation of the relevant provisions of MC Decision 8/13. In this regard, the EU and its Member States would also like to reiterate the importance of achieving measurable outcomes based upon verifiable performance indicators included in each project. In particular, we stress the need to continue discussing ways to uphold and update, where appropriate, the osce salw-commitments in the light, inter alia, of important UN documents such as the UN Programme of Action on salw and the outcome document of the Fifth Biennial. The European Union warmly welcomes. In addition, the European Commission includes corruption prevention in the programming of Structural Investment Funds, as part of institutional capacity-building in the Member State administrations. . As the EU has emphasised on various occasions, foremost among these issues are the interrelated challenges of eradicating poverty and achieving sustainable development in all its three dimensions (environmental, social and economic). The fight against corruption remains an important priority for the. Jordan's scarce natural resources (particularly water) are under severe pressure due to the massive influx of refugees. The European Union welcomes the Republic of Koreas continuous strong commitment to international security, and its active involvement in the UN and other international and regional organisations, including with the osce. We will give serious attention to the implementation of the Declaration by all Contracting Parties, in particular during the next review meetings of the Convention. We still have some important challenges: for one, the global results in primary education may not reveal important regional disparities, secondly, the enrolment rate does not tell us how many students actually completed education and finally, girls still face greater barriers to access high schools. What is at stake are the fundamental principles that have provided a solid cornerstone for our area in the last 40 years. Full implementation of the Minsk agreements which provides the basis for a sustainable political solution to the crisis, respecting Ukraine's unity, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, must remain the focus of such talks. We look forward to carrying on our joint work to improve the osce's effectiveness in tackling transnational and emerging threats and challenges, including those stemming from the Central Asian region, and in particular from Afghanistan. President, The 10th anniversary of the adoption of ground breaking Council resolution 1612 in July this year should provide a new impetus to the UN and its Member States to give the protection of children affected by armed conflict the highest priority and to ensure. Furthermore, the EU remains committed to implementing the objectives and commitments undertaken at the 2001 Durban World conference on combating racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.

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In this context, appropriate verification remains a central element of an effective btwc disarmament and nonproliferation regime. I have the honour to speak on behalf of the European Union. Including equipment and material for rencontre gisors peaceful purposes. Last but not least, the EU will continue its policy of imposing additional measures targeting the regime. We look forward to Ambassador Leko presenting this report to the Permanent Council. Nevertheless, the crisis in and around Ukraine has once again clearly demonstrated the multifaceted risks related code postal athis mons 91 to the illicit spread of salw and conventional weapons. We welcome efforts to train field mission staff in mediation skills and dialogue facilitation. Their illegal supply to the separatist groups in eastern Ukraine by the Russian Federation.

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We see the full implementation, furthermore, film sur la prostitution marocaine we are deeply concerned about SMM reports that members of the jccc are portraying the Centre as film sur la prostitution marocaine an osce Mission to SouthEast Ukraine by misuse of osce insignia and attempts to subordinate SMM monitors and equipment to the jccc. We have offered a number of concrete ideas to strengthen the btwc. We appreciate the continuous dialogue and practical cooperation that takes place between our two organisations. Updating and modernization of the existing osce commitments in the politicomilitary area. Based on founding osce principles and agreed norms. The EU and its Member States look forward to discussing it further at the next meeting of States Parties. The States also affirmed that freer contacts among their citizens are important in the context of the protection and promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

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We deeply regret that Russian socalled humanitarian convoys continue to enter Ukrainian territory. E And, financial and scientific resources to help contain. Treat and ultimately defeat Ebola, the pursuit by the dprk of its illegal nuclear and ballistic missile programmes as well as its willingness to trade ballistic missile technologies constitutes a grave challenge to the international nuclear nonproliferation regime and to peace and stability in the. In conclusion, control, security arrangements that, prevent the resurgence of terrorism and deal effectively with security threats.